Monday, 5 January 2009

Featured Breed: Pug

99 Problems Dog

Pugs were originally bred in East China during the Shang dynasty to adorn the laps of the Chinese sovereigns, and as such are the ancient Chinese equivalent of the Chihuahua. In 16th century Italy Pugs were dressed in matching jackets and pantaloons, and sat by the coachmen of the rich. This is one of the few incidences of dressing a dog in clothes I feel I can condone.
Also according to Wikipedia "Pugs are often referred to as the comedians of the dog world." Though I have never heard them referred to as such myself, I can see how this might happen. They have hilarious faces. They're ugly and cute at the same time. They have this weird way of always looking sad or angry. I imagine they must get bullied as kids for having a face like that, which I believe is another common trait among comedians.

What people are saying about Pugs:
Jhosephine - "Kinda cute."
Jamie - "They're silly looking."
Kerry - "The dogs? I'm not 100% keen on them."

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