Wednesday, 17 June 2009

New Banner Puppy

Okay, so I originally drew this fella in a shoe, but for some daft reason I decided to draw the shoe from memory and it looked weird. Then I drew him in a teapot, but I ran out of room on the page for the handle. This is when I figured "Fuck it, this guy can make it on his own!" Thus here he is, in all his glory.
Also my worthy adversary, at Burn The Internet, changes her banner every 45 minutes I decided I should start playing catch up and change mine as well.


  1. i love kyattsuai's art and yours, she's great! you guys should get married and have kids that draw puppies and kittens every day

  2. I don't think my girlfriend would like that.

  3. I am pretty sure Kyatt isn't a "her"...