Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Blog Over

I'm sorry to inform you that Every Day I Draw a Dog is over. I didn't draw one today, it's getting late today, as it often does when the thought "I need to draw a dog" creeps in to my mind, and it occurred to me that I don't. That is to say, I don't actually need to draw a dog.
Truth be told, I don't like dogs. They're nice to play with for five or ten minutes, but they're not for life really are they? I never understood why people like to keep dogs. They're always chasing them away from bins, rolling in shit, or having to yank them away from skateboarders, cyclists, other dogs, or whatever else takes their interest.
I honestly don't know why I started this project, but it's over now. I didn't like dogs before hand, but having to draw one every day has just got on my tits, and though I didn't think it possible but I like them even less now.
So so long you horrible, moulting, loud, dirty, smelly animals. So long stupid articles where I strain to find something nice to say about these foul creatures. Most fondly I'll be waving a good bye to all the time I spend trying to sift a small nugget of humour from these thoroughly unlikeable monsters.
Not today, not tomorrow, will I ever draw another dog. Especially not like this.