Friday, 24 April 2009

Featured Breed: Pomeranian

The Pom

Pomeranians are small furry dogs, assumedly named for their resemblance to a pom pom. In fact, they are also known by that name, or just 'Pom' for short. Come to think of it, which came first? Maybe pom poms got their name from the dog. This is something I'm sure I could find out, but I shalln't bother.
According to Wikipedia Pomeranians are "typically very friendly, playful and active." Which I am going to take as meaning they are mental, and jump around a lot. Just looking at them makes me think "that is gonna be one hyperactive dog."
On a side note, I love how non-encylopedic the sections of Wikipedia concerning dog behaviour are. Apparently Pomeranians are "very protective of their owners and love to be around them." Wikipedia is known for being made by a team of beurocratic OCD sufferers who insist that everything is verified, sourced, and non-biased (supposedly) but they're happy to attribute human emotions and behaviours to dogs. (Another example would be the statement that Poodles are "creative about finding mischief.")
I can't really think of much else to say about them other than they are fun to draw.
Oh! Ai Kago, J-Pop singer and Guinness Book of World Records breaking hula hoop player, owns a Pomeranian. This is one of the many interesting and useful facts you learn from my blog, yo.

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