Saturday, 31 January 2009

Month in Review

I believe it is time I laid out my aims for this blog.
I intend to draw a dog every day, totalling at least 365 dogs. I wish to do at least 100 dog comics, 24 featured breed articles, and 6 well finished pieces.

As of this day, January 31st, my running totals are as follows.

Dogs: 59/365
Finished pieces: 0/6
Featured breeds: 2/24
Comics: 14/100

Tomorrow is Hourly Comic Day, as well as my birthday, so I might be too busy to post my dog. BUT I WILL DRAW ONE! Probably as part of the comic to save time. The full comic will probably be posted here, so check that out later if you are interested.


  1. Happy Birthday!! Hope you celebrate accordingly.

  2. Safe mate, your dogs are quality, ive written the premise of something i want you to illustrate for. Ill chat to you about coming up here for a week. Happy birthday son, George