Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Featured Breed: Boxer

Pixel Boxer

I don't know anything about these dogs really, but as with many things this doesn't stop me from disliking them.
From my experience there is an archetypal Boxer owner, which is a chavy kid hanging around McDonalds with a dozen other chavy kids. The boxer itself will be straining at a lead and barking at any and every thing that passes by.
They look like miserable, stupid creatures anyway. Though I will concede some of them do have a kinda badass look about them, but that depends on how bad ass the owner is. A genuine badass can get away with it. A 14 year old chavs can not.
This is irrelevant anyway since mostly they just look sad. Probably because a whole 38.5% of them are dying of various forms of cancer.

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