Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Shocked Dog

On a semi-related note: Check out this awesome (though sadly abandoned) blog. Every Day I Draw A Dick.
I may be being a bit arrogant, but I wonder if he'd seen my blog?
EDIT: It was totally based on my blog. He should have said 'hi' - Though I'm still not entirely sure if I know how comments work on Blogspot.

1 comment:

  1. Hi!!!, love your blog, first of all
    I write from madrid and i would like to ask your permission for use this draw for a few stickers, we´ll put it on the packaging, we won't make money with it (sell it or something like that). We plan to use several dogs for the same purpose, such as Brian (Family Guy), Bones (Simpson), Milu (Tin-Tin), Tom Dooley (The Misfits), etc.
    We work with CC and we'll give you the credit for what is yours, of course!!!...and if you want we will be delighted to send you one of our notebooks :D
    Thanks and let us know what you think.......if you understood my english.... i've tried my best!!!! :P

    (you can see our stuff in

    bye and thanks again!